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Divine Welfare Trust

DIVINE WELFARE TRUST (DWT) is a Public Charitable Trust Registered under The Indian Trusts Act 1882. The Registered Address of the The organization is at Munshi Premchand Palli, P.O. – Mohishila Gram, Via -Kalipahari, P.S. – Asansol South, District – Paschim Bardhaman, State – West Bengal, India, PIN – 713339.

Divine Welfare Trust (DWT) has served the communities of Asansol Subdivision and many other parts in West Bengal India for more than Fourteen (14) years. A fully certified NGO, DWT has focused on helping those least capable of helping themselves; DWT supports projects that assist poor families, regardless of religious beliefs and background. DWT has a particular interest in investing in poor children, which it believes is the future of India. Projects combine a high degree of local initiative,

(all projects are conceived, initiated, and executed locally), holistic service models and an extraordinary commitment to accountability and transparency.

With your support, we can increase our ability to improve the lives of thousands, in a way that promotes dignity and self-worth.

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Divine Welfare Trust is registered with the Any Other Societies under Indian Trusts Act 1882 and the type of NGO is Trust (Non-Government) and the Registration Number is IV 377/06. Also registered under u/s 12AA of the I.T. Act, 1961 bearing the number CIT/Asl/12A/2014-15/2181-83 dated 26/08/2014. Registered under Exemption u/s 80G of the I.T. Act, 1961 bearing the registration number CIT/Asl/80G/2014-15/2178-80 dated 28/08/2014. The city and state of registration are Asansol and Arunachal Pradesh. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is WB/2017/0171942. The date of registration is 17/08/2006. 

The Managing Committee Board urges students, public leaders, Parents to continually work hard with full courage and strength so that all these programs and proposed projects will be possible for the welfare of the Tribal people of our state and attain our objective.


The MISSION of Divine Welfare Trust is reaching the unreached; helping the world to be socially just, educated, and balanced; and saving humanity from all forms of neglect, exploitation, and depravity; guided by moral values, serving humanity regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender to build a better world.


Divine Welfare Trust visualizes an unbiased, educated, and progressive world, liberated from all perversion, isolation, and depravity were all-natural, a human and institutional resource is rightfully utilized; the environmental equilibrium is maintained whereas peace and justice prevail.


Divine Welfare Trust is managed by a board of eight highly active members who have committed themselves to the highest level of accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness. The Board meets at least monthly and more frequently as required to ensure balanced and complete oversight over the affairs of the organization. The Board commits to and monitors Divine Welfare Trust accountability in the following key areas:

  • Financial Accountability
  • Moral, Ethical and Legal Accountability
  • Transparency in Our Interactions with Partners

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Divine Welfare Trust is a registered FCRA & 80G non-profit organization. All donations in India are tax-deductible under 80G.


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Munshi Premchand Palli, P.O. - Mohishila Gram, Via - Kalipahari, P.S. - Asansol South, District - Paschim Bardhaman, State - West Bengal, India, PIN - 713339.

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