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DISHA means, “The Right Way.” We concentrate on the children of prostitutes in Lachhipur, the oldest red-light area of eastern India. Our goal is to guide the children in a new direction. Our support in this project includes monthly academic expenses, and supplies (such as books and stationery) and salaries for teachers.

Lachhipur is the oldest establishment of prostitution in East India. Legal in India, prostitution in Lachhipur is generational, despite many attempts at reform. DWT is partnering with the police department with a different strategy. They are focusing on the children of the prostitutes of which they are 105. The focus is on educating the children and directing them socially and spiritually; otherwise, they follow in the footsteps of their parents – and it is working. The DWT initiative provides academic funding, books and supplies, enabling the children of the “sex workers” to complete their education and find useful, productive goals for their lives. DWT assists for providing training in sewing for girls, computer training, arts and crafts, social skills, etc. all point to a brighter future away from their surrounding environment.


Extensions of classrooms, education and food for the children and employment opportunities through skill development programs would be desirable for the older prostitutes whose usefulness in the former trade is long past.

Your contributions will increase our ability to improve the lives of thousands, in a way that promotes dignity and self-worth.

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Divine Welfare Trust is a registered FCRA & 80G non-profit organization. All donations in India are tax-deductible under 80G.


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